Tweeting about Egypt

So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been focussing on other things lately and not really updating this blog as I should. I do hope to be able to get back to it some time in the near future, but until then I’ve decided that an interesting, different, and simpler approach might be to use Twitter to share more consise information and thoughts about ancient Egypt. If you haven’t come across Twitter before, it’s a real time short messaging service where you can follow certain people and receive tidbits of news or info from them whenever they update. In some places you can even receive the messages on your mobile phone. I’ll try to post one interesting thing about Egypt everyday on a range of subjects, sometimes random interesting things I come across and sometimes a week-long series on a specific topic. You can either just periodically check out the site where I’ll be updating at or even sign up to Twitter to get notifications. At the moment I’m starting off on a fairly general note with facts about Egypt’s beginnings, geography, and climate. Please feel free to share interesting tidbits that you’ve come across as well or suggestions for themes you’d be interested in- hope you enjoy!

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