London has always had a fascination with ancient Egypt dating back to the ‘Egyptomania’ of Victorian times and today the city is recognized as one of the foremost centres of Egyptological research. The collection of the British Museum is world renowned, as is its most famous exhibit, the Rosetta Stone. But there are many other less well-known but equally fascinating Egyptian treasures hidden throughout the city, from the great sarchophagus of King Seti I amongst the overflowing collection of curiosities at the Soane Museum, to Howard Carter’s grave, and Victorian houses adorned with sphinxes and obelisks.

Google recently added a new feature that allows you to make your own customized maps, so I decided to compile a list of all the Egyptological places in London, many that I love and others that I hope to visit soon myself.

To explore London’s ancient Egyptian side, please go to the full screen version of the map here.

And here’s a link to the Google Earth KML file.

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  1. Really enjoyed your blog and especially love this map. Next trip to London I will explore some of these places. I’m Canadian with a UK passport (father was from Glasgow) and have traveled throughout the Middle East. I visited many sites in Lebanon and was struck by the beauty of the geography there. I haven’t been to Egypt but hope to visit friends there when things settle a bit.

    Good luck with your studies and your work.


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