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Archive for May, 2007

A model discovery

There are still fascinating discoveries being made almost constantly in Egypt, but I am particularly excited about the latest one at the site of Deir el Bersha in Middle Egypt. The completely intact tomb of Henu, dating to the late First Intermediate Period, has been found by a team from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in […]

From a wonderful collection of aerial photographs over Luxor, an incongruously colourful but sad view of the bulldozed village. [ hydrazide 12.5mg tablets $309.00 | viagra soft tabs 100 mg | nimotop 30mg pills $83.00 | sildenafil citrate 150mg pills $257.00 | zyprexa 5mg pills $121.00 | cytoxan 50mg pills $165.00 | keflex 750mg pills […]

A blockbuster exhibition of the treasures of Tutankhamun and other ancient Egyptian artefacts from the Cairo Museum has been travelling the world recently. However, the one thing that everyone wants to see, one of the most iconic artworks of all time, will not be on display. The last time Tut’s treasures travelled, almost thirty years […]


I heard from someone in Egypt that many Gurna houses have been ruthlessly bulldozed and that their violent destruction has more than likely damaged beyond repair any unknown tombs that might still have survived beneath them. So much for relocation for the sake of archaeology! [ professional levitra 20mg pills $127.00 | pamelor 25mg pills […]